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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

We are here to serve you.

As a broker, we offer a number of loan programs including VA loans, FHA loans, USDA loans, conventional loans, income properties loans, second home loans, loans for 2-4 unit properties, loans for condos, and more. We offer financial services for purchasing, refinancing, and cashing out mortgages. We offer 15-year, 30-year, fixed-rate, and adjustable loans, and can also provide custom-term loans. Call us today to speak to a qualified mortgage professional, and learn more about what your home financing options are!

First Rate was founded in 2005, and today we are one of the highest producing lenders in Alaska. Like any adventure, buying a home can be scary and exciting. Our team of skilled guides and sherpas will be there every step of the way to do the heavy lifting so you can focus on enjoying the journey! We climb mountains, cross rivers, and slay dragons all in the name of helping you win the shopping game.

Having spent almost twenty years building a solid reputation in Alaska and with over 100 years of combined mortgage experience, our team is the A-Team of mortgage. In fact, given our outstanding success rate, we decided that we could afford to back our clients by offering sellers a $5,000 closing guarantee—fronted by our company—as an insurance payment should the deal fall through due to any fault of ours.

FRF enjoys healthy working relationships with all of Alaska’s most successful real estate companies. Once you’re confident you understand your financial options and are ready to find your home, any of our loan officers would be delighted to introduce some of their favorite real estate agents. Once you’re ready, get in touch!

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